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The Nyhavn - near the Stroget
This is where people in Copenhagen come to relax and hang out. Why not do the same? Grab yourself a nice chilled beer, sit back and watch the ships go sailing by. Lots of ice cream about if you are hot.
Posted on 20/3/2008 by Tyler Stage

The Town Hall Square
The Town Hall Square is the Radhuspladsen and is situated right smack in the heart of Copenhagen. Many people do not realise that you can climbto the top of the Town Hall tower - it's not very well advertised. However, you can only do this at certain times, so check on the door of the nearby gift shop for the latest times.
Posted on 20/11/2007 by Anon

The Radhuspladsen in Copenhagen
If you want something rather Danish to take a photograph of, then you can't beat the statue of Hans Christian Andersen on the Radhuspladsen. He wrote some of the most famous children's stories ever, like the Little Mermaid. There is a statue of the Little Mermaid in the harbour next to Churchill Park. It's not very big, but everyone seems to make a big fuss about it, so you might want to take a photograph of that as well.
Posted on 10/9/2007 by Alyssa

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