Copenhagen Museums

(Copenhagen, Denmark)

Picture of the Danish House of Literature (Bakkehuset)There are many quality museums within the Danish city of Copenhagen and a number of these are especially family orientated. These include the Louis Tussauds Voksmuseum (Louis Tussauds Wax Museum) in the Vesterbro area of Copenhagen, where lifelike waxwork models of Danish politicians and international movie stars stand alongside royalty and fairytale characters.

The Nationalmuseet (Copenhagen National Museum) is one of Europe's oldest museums and actually dates back over 200 years. Here you can discover themed areas, such as Prehistoric Denmark, the Middle Ages and also the famous Viking Age. Nearby, the Kobenhavns Bymuseum (Copenhagen City Museum) is also of interest and features everything that you could possibly wish to know about the history of the city.

Photo of the Geological Museum (Geologisk Museum)The Experimentarium is amongst Copenhagen's best museums for children and offers the chance to carry out your very own experiments and participate in a range of science-based activities.

It is also possible to explore one of the biggest brewing companies in existence at the Carlsberg Museet (Carlsberg Museum), in the Valby area of Copenhagen, where the headquarters for this famous company are based. There are sections concentrating on the brewing process and of course, the chance to taste the actual produce itself.

Carlsberg Museum (Carlsberg Museet)

Address: Valby Langgade 1, Copenhagen, DK-2500, Denmark, DK
Tel: +45 03 327 1314

Copenhagen City Museum (Kobenhavns Bymuseum)

Address: Absalonsgade 3, Copenhagen, DK-1658, Denmark, DK
Tel: +45 03 321 0772

Copenhagen National Museum (Nationalmuseet)

Address: Ny Vestergade 10, Copenhagen, DK-1220, Denmark, DK
Tel: +45 03 313 4411

Danish House of Literature (Bakkehuset)

Address: Rahbecks Allé 23, Frederiksberg, DK-1801, Denmark, DK
Tel: +45 03 131 4362

Royal Danish Naval Museum (Orlogsmuseet)

Address: Overgaden Oven Vandet 58, Copenhagen, DK-1415, Denmark, DK
Tel: +45 03 254 6363


Address: Tuborg Havnevej 7, Gentofte, DK-2900, Denmark, DK
Tel: +45 03 927 3333

Geological Museum (Geologisk Museum)

Address: Øster Voldgade 5-7, Copenhagen, DK-1350, Denmark, DK
Tel: +45 03 532 2345

Georg Jensen Museum (Georg Jensen Museet)

Address: Amager Torv 6, Copenhagen, DK-1160, Denmark, DK
Tel: +45 03 314 0229

Karen Blixen Museum (Karen Blixen Museet)

Address: Rungsted Strandvej 111, Horsholm, DK-2960, Denmark, DK
Tel: +45 04 557 1057

Louis Tussauds Wax Museum (Louis Tussauds Voksmuseum)

Address: HC Andersens Boulevard 22, Copenhagen, Denmark, DK
Tel: +45 03 311 8900

Museum of Applied Arts (Kunstindustrimuseet)

Address: Bredgade 68, Copenhagen, DK-1260, Denmark, DK
Tel: +45 03 318 5656

Museum of Music History (Musikhistorisk Museum)

Address: Abenra 30, Copenhagen, DK-1124, Denmark, DK
Tel: +45 03 311 2726

Museum of Royal Stables and Coaches (Kongelige Stalde og Kareter)

Address: Christiansborg Ridebane 12, Copenhagen, DK-1218, Denmark, DK
Tel: +45 03 340 2676

Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum

Address: Radhuspladsen 57, Copenhagen, Denmark, DK
Tel: +45 03 332 3131

Workers' Museum (Arbejdermuseet)

Address: Romersgade 22, Copenhagen, DK-1362, Denmark, DK
Tel: +45 03 393 2575