Copenhagen Life and Visitor Travel Tips

(Copenhagen, Denmark)

Picture of the skylineThe capital of Denmark for some 500 years, life in Copenhagen is good and well worth experiencing. This is a friendly and welcoming city, with many leading companies based both within the city and outside, particularly around the harbour. As a result, the skyline of Copenhagen has changed greatly over the years, although still features many prominent church spires.

When arriving, think seriously about purchasing a Copenhagen Card, which provides savings at some 60 attractions, along with free travel onboard public transport. However, since the card is relatively expensive, many will find it more economic to simply pay as you sightsee, rather than trying to cram everything in with this card.

View of the cityscape

Useful Contact Details

The Wonderful Copenhagen tourist office can be found just a short distance to the north of the Central Station and also extremely close to the Tivoli Gardens on Vesterbrogade. This is a useful place to pick up your free copy of 'Copenhagen This Week', which explains in detail all of the current events and latest attractions. Also onsite are a range of Danish maps, such as the 'Kraks Citykort over Kobenhavn', including a number of maps of central Copenhagen with keys for all of the main attractions, together with endless brochures and an accommodation-booking service.

Wonderful Copenhagen (Copenhagen Tourist Office)
1 Gammel Kongevej, Bernstroffsgade 1, Copenhagen, DK-1610, Denmark, DK
Tel: +45 03 325 7400
Fax: +45 03 325 7410
Website: /

Language and Dialect

The spoken and written language of Denmark and therefore Copenhagen is Danish (Dansk). Trying to learn a few Danish phrases before you arrive in Copenhagen will undoubtedly make your time here all the more enjoyable, although an increasing number of Danes do now speak English, particularly those who are involved within the tourist trade. Here are a few Danish phrases to help you get a feel for this language:

Aerial picture of the city

Dos and Don'ts / Tourist Traps