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Downtown Cubbon Park
Central Bangalore is actually not that big and in the very heart is the Cubbon Park. This is a large expanse and it is beautifully maintained. People come here in the hottest part of the day, to take shade and relax. Locals come here first this in the morning to jog. The state library and the Vidhana Souha Parliament is close by.
Posted on 31/1/2008 by Annie Henderson

Temple in the village of Belur
The village of Belur may be a three hour drive away (just over 200 km), but its temple is worth the journey and effort. The Chennakesava Temple is situated next to the Yagachi River and was built around 900 years ago. There are a number of wonderful temples and shrines here, with carved stone sculptures.
Posted on 23/9/2007 by Hannah Jeffers

Heading out to the Bannerghat National Park
We wanted to leave Bangalore for the day and so chose to come to the Bannerghat National Park. It was around 12 miles away and started life as a safari park for lions and tigers. It was a good day out and seeing these animals in the flesh was really exciting.
Posted on 16/7/2007 by Anon

Walking around downtown Bangalore
A stroll around downtown Banglore is the best way to get to know the city. It is fairly compact and a pleasant place to be. We got a map from our hotel and I think that this was much more enjoyable than taking a tour on an auto rickshaw, which always seem to end up at their friend's tourist shops! Perhaps I'm just a bit of a sceptic. At least if you're walking, you can do your own thing at your own pace though.
Posted on 3/4/2007 by Cindy Sue

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