Bangalore Restaurants and Dining

(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

City centre photoMany people staying in Bangalore find that its restaurants are amongst the city's top attractions. Fine dining in Bangalore will be sure to be a memorable part of a holiday, with restaurants serving everything from traditional Indian and Bengali cuisine, to Chinese and continental dishes.

Trendy new eateries and restaurants are always appearing around the city of Bangalore, to meet the increasingly demand. For some of the city's best dining, pay a visit to the main hotels, where most palates are well catered for.

What to Eat

The cuisine in Bangalore is diverse and reflects the city's changing infrastructure and communities. Whilst it is easy to find traditional Indian restaurants with clay Tandoori ovens, serving an array of spiced and extremely fragrant food, it is also simple to find Western-style fast-food restaurants. Many Indian dining venues in Bangalore specialise is Tamil cuisine, with the city being home to a sizable population from this part of India.

Where to Eat

For cheap eats and a quick snack in Bangalore, the many street vendors offer a great way to sample the local food and a good alternative to lunchtime restaurants, with strong aromas often wafting from many street corners. However, only purchase freshly cooked food and avoid anything else.

One of the best selections of restaurants can be found along Residency Road in Bangalore city centre, where you can enjoy both northern and southern Indian food, many dishes with a Chinese slant, vegetarian food, and hearty curries, with lots of these dishes being served with fragrant rice, chapati bread and pickles. If you simply fancy a pizza and a milkshake, then this part of Bangalore will also fully meet your needs.