Attractions Nearby Sharm el Sheikh, Day Trips and Excursions

(Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt)

Photo of the Ali Baba Palace resort in HurghadaThe attractions of Sharm el Sheikh are enough for many visitors, although others enjoy looking for further sights and activities nearby. If you are keen on scuba diving and snorkelling, then the underwater attractions of Hurghada are a good alternative to those in Sharm el Sheikh, while if local flora and fauna is more your bag, then you will be sure to enjoy the scenery and pathways around Nabq.

The sandy beaches of Dahab are also within reach of Sharm el Sheikh and offer a peaceful setting, beautiful landscape and a number of further spots suitable for scuba diving.

Picture of Red Sea beach in Hurghada


Famous for its dive sites and coastal position, the buzzing resort of Hurghada lies to the south-west of Sharm el Sheikh, across the Red Sea and connected by regular ferries. A diverse town with plenty of traditional Egyptian character, Hurghada diving scene is thriving and beneath the surface of the water, a colourful world of coral reefs and marine attractions await, although you will need to use a boat to reach most of the best locations. Hurghada boasts a truly breathtaking coastline and is also within driving distance of Luxor and various other sites around the Nile Valley.

Picture showing resort in nearby Nabq


Sited around 35 km / 22 miles north-east of Sharm el Sheikh, Nabq is an important coastal protectorate and is sandwiched between the resort of Dahab and the Strait of Tiran. Amongst the attractions in Nabq, the rather surprising mangrove forest stands out as a highlight, with its eye-catching root systems dominating many areas of the coastline and offering an important natural habitat for local wildlife. Also of interest in Nabq is the visitors centre, a number of hiking trails, areas where camping is permitted and some underwater scenery best enjoyed by snorkelling.

View of the Dahab waterfront


Located directly north of Sharm el Sheikh and famous for its stunning golden beaches and rather dramatic mountainous backdrop, the town of Dahab has become a notable tourist destination and is amongst the most popular spots in the Sinai region of Egypt. The main attractions in Dahab include sunbathing, snorkelling and diving, with an abundance of dive clubs around the coastline. In particular, the coral reef located at the northern end of the Mashraba area is stunning and home to many colourful sea creatures. Additional popular dive spots include the Lighthouse Reef, the Eel gardens and the Blue Hole.