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(Hurghada, Egypt)

Picture of beachfront at the Ali Baba Palace resortHurghada was once a fairly small and unimposing fishing village, located next to the Red Sea and boasting a number of superb beaches. Today, the resort of Hurghada is almost unrecognisable from its past life and has grown to become the most visited tourist destination in the whole of Egypt, with in excess of 100 different hotels, many of which line the shoreline.

Famous for its superb diving opportunities, Hurghada is especially appealing to those with little experience of scuba diving, who come to marvel at the underwater reefs and awesome marine life. Tourism is now a huge part of Hurghada and each year, many tourists choose to combine their holiday here with visits to other prominent locations along the Nile Valley, including the relatively nearby city of Luxor.

Photo showing the Red Sea and adjacent beachHurghada's foremost tourist attractions include its beautiful beaches, which have long been a major drawcard in the town and boasting white, fine sand and many spectacular coastal views, with many beaches being located next to hotels. Other top tourist attractions in Hurghada include the vibrant and rather colourful local market of Bazaar in Ed-Dahar, the marine life at the Red Sea Aquarium, and also the many underwater attractions and breathtaking coral reefs at the Giftun Islands. More information about Hurghada Tourist Attractions.

Photo of local hotel resortAround the tourist resort of Hurghada you may be surprised to find a number of rather historical landmarks. Amongst the most notable are the monasteries of both St. Anthony and St. Paul, although the Roman site of Mons Claudianus is particularly impressive and was in use for more than 200 years. Also of interest is Hurghada's Anfish Mountain, which provides some of the best views of the Red Sea, the town and beyond. More information about Hurghada Landmarks.

Several good museums and pleasant art galleries exist in the town of Hurghada. The best offerings include the Marine Biology Museum - complete with many underwater sights, biology station and information about local marine life, the National Museum - a new addition to the city's tourist attractions and showcasing many treasures found in the Eastern Desert; and the Café del Mar - where paintings are displayed in restaurant surroundings. More information about Hurghada Museums and Art Galleries.

View of marinaClose to Hurghada you will find many of Egypt's top tourist attractions and most impressive resorts. A particularly favourite is Sharm el Sheikh, which lies alongside the Gulf of Aqaba and is famous for its scuba diving and sandy beaches, while on the south-western side of Hurghada, the provincial capital of Qena contains a particularly impressive temple complex. Also within reach of Hurghada, the city of Luxor is without equal and full of awe-inspiring monuments, such as the Valley of the Kings. More information about Hurghada Attractions Nearby.

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