Sharm el Sheikh Restaurants and Dining

(Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt)

Picture showing al fresco diningThe food in Sharm el Sheikh is good, the service efficient and the restaurants mainly traditional in style. The Sharm Old Market region is the best place to eat out in Sharm el Sheikh and is full of great dining options, where seafood predominates in many of the restaurants. This part of the city also contains several small supermarkets, suiting those looking to self cater.

When to Eat / Opening Hours

Most restaurants in the Sharm el Sheikh area tend to open at midday and are particularly busy at 14:00, when most people choose to eat lunch. Many stay open well into the night, when both locals and tourists enjoy that lively atmosphere, often remaining open until midnight or later.

Image of central shops and dining options

What to Eat

With its enviable coastal setting next to the Red Sea, it is no surprise that seafood is a staple part of the diet is this area of Egypt.

However, many meat dishes are also popular, including kebabs, meatballs in tomato sauce (daoud basha), roasted chicken (firekh), pigeon (hamam) and also kushari, an Egyptian favourite comprising lentils and macaroni. However, those visiting Sharm el Sheikh with a Western palate will find pizzas, Italian fare and even tandoori dishes in some restaurants.

Photo of beachfront dining venue

Where to Eat

Some of the best eateries in the Sharm Old Market area include the rather upmarket Al-Fanar on Ras Um Sid, which is known for its al fresco dining and extensive Italian menu. For seafood dishes and the catch of the day, both the Abou Hamada and Sinai Star restaurants come highly recommended, while El-Masrien is known for its tasty kofta (spicy skewered mincemeat balls).

The Na'ama Bay area of Sharm el Sheikh is also known for is variety of restaurants. Dining out here has the advantage that the beachfront and promenade are nearby, the perfect place for an evening stroll after your meal.