Montego Bay Shopping and Districts

(Montego Bay, St. James, Cornwall, Jamaica)

Photo of Pirate's Paradise Water Park at the Sunset Beach Resort and SpaMontego Bay has a thriving shopping scene, and there are merchant stalls and vendors stationed everywhere tourists venture.

Visitors can pick up Caribbean handicrafts, straw hats, local reggae CDs and all manner of Jamaican bric-a-brac from peddlers on the beach and across the city centre. A holiday in Montego Bay is also a great opportunity to do some duty-free shopping away from the airport.

Photo of local shopping scene at Montego Bay

When to Shop and Where

The easiest place to shop for souvenirs in Montego Bay is the Fort Montego Craft Park. It's located behind the ruins of the old fort and offers the best variety in Caribbean handicrafts, Bob Marley memorabilia and woven goods. The Crafts Market at Harbour Street is another major venue for this type of merchandise.

When shopping for handicrafts and souvenirs in Montego Bay, bear in mind that local vendors rely on the trade for their livelihood. Bargaining is appropriate, but there is usually much more at stake for the person selling the wares. Vendors can be aggressive around Montego Bay, and it's wise to steer any haggling toward the friendly, no-hard-feelings side of negotiation.

Picture of Sunset Beach Resort and Spa at Montego BayMontego Bay also has its share of modern shopping centres. Combine this with the fact that Jamaica dabbles in duty-free sales, and shoppers stand to find some reasonable bargains on spirits, perfume and cigars. Duty-free stores in Montego Bay typically open at 10:00, with the best selection being found in the City Centre Building on Fort Street. Designer duty free boutiques can also be found at major resorts, the Montego Freeport and the Holiday Village Shopping Centre.

Serious shoppers will want to head to the neighbouring town of Falmouth on Wednesday morning, when a weekly flea market convenes. This is the biggest market of its kind in Jamaica, with everything from antiques and souvenirs to fresh produce and street food.