Attractions Nearby Montego Bay, Day Trips and Excursions

(Montego Bay, St. James, Cornwall, Jamaica)

Photo of beachfront attractions at Montego BayTo find attractions outside of Montego Bay, tourists can head east along the coast toward Discovery Bay. Most day trips and excursions will first require chartering a travel service or renting a car.

Many of the best attractions nearby Montego Bay are to be found within the Trelawny Parish. Sites worth visiting include smaller towns like Falmouth that still have plenty of historical character. There is also an 'enchanted' lagoon in Trelawny Parish that's worth visiting in the evening for those in the area.

Croydon in the Mountains

Address: Croydon Plantation, Catadupa, Jamaica, JM
Tel: +1 876 979 8267
Located toward the mountainous interior of the island, this working plantation offers fantastic scenery and a glimpse into Jamaica's old-world plantation life. The area is also famous as the birthplace of Sam Sharpe. Visitors to Croydon in the Mountains can sample tropical fruits grown on the plantation.
Open hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday - 10:30 to 15:30
Admission: charge

Nine Miles

Address: St. Ann Parish
Located two hour's drive from Montego Bay, St. Ann is a veritable pilgrimage site for fans of Bob Marley. The reggae king was born and buried here, and the town of Nine Miles is now owned by his family. It's completely off the grid, with few utilities and a laid-back atmosphere.


Address: Trelawny Parish
This town is located roughly 24 km / 15 miles east of central Montego Bay and is something of a stronghold of early 18th-century architecture, with more original heritage buildings than just about any other town in Jamaica. Memorable sites in the historic core include Water Square, named for its fountain and water wheel, the colonial Phoenix Foundry and the stunning (if slightly run-down) Tharp House.

Luminous Lagoon

Address: Trelawny Parish
This ephemeral lagoon is located on the outskirts of Falmouth, but it's an attraction in its own right. Microscopic organisms living in the Luminous Lagoon give off a soft green glow when disturbed, giving the eerie impression that the waters themselves are enchanted. These organisms cling to fish, and visitors can see them glowing under the water as they swim by. Naturally, this is an evening attraction.

Discovery Bay

Address: St. Ann Parish
Discovery Bay can be reached in a little over an hour from Montego Bay. It's to the east along the northern shore and marks the spot where Christopher Columbus first landed. There is some dispute among experts as to whether Discovery Bay or Rio Bueno is the likeliest candidate for Columbus' first landing. Both are in the same area and can be visited as part of the same day trip.