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Shoppes at Rose Hall
I went on google and typed in some key words and you web site popped up. I noticed on the section where it says Montego Bay and shopping that you mentioned a Craft market. There is however a great 'shopping mall' , I have that in quotations because its really just 30 stores but it's duty free and has a great little Cafe and also a Jerk restaurant which is perfect because if you want to try some of the local cuisine, great place to start. Its also smack in the middle of the main resort area Rose Hall so great location. Just thought to give you a heads up. I find it somewhat similar to Island Village in Ocho Rios.
Posted on 28/6/2012 by Christine

Pretty Amazing Resorts
I went here with my girlfriend. We enjoyed ourselves for sure. We stayed at Sandals Resort on the north side of the island. Lots of fun - good beaches, good nightlife. The whole place was a big maze.
Posted on 26/2/2012 by M. Guerra

A Very Different Place
Quite a few things to do. It is very touristy, but the waterfalls are awesome. We also did some bamboo rafting which was totally different experience. The beaches were pretty stunning and the nightlife was hectic, but fun. Good trip with good friends.
Posted on 14/8/2011 by Jon Prichard

Interesting Place - Unusual Atmosphere
We took a family on a cruise that stopped in Montego Bay. The kids are old enough that we did not worry about the busyness too much, but we made a point of staying together. A lot of the music was the same that you might here on the radio of typical reggae. The place where we stayed was nice and the beach too, but we avoided the town areas as much as possible.
Posted on 22/3/2011 by David Prunes

Re. Resort Town
Did you try going to Margaritaville? Seemed to be more going on there including the locals. There was also some reggae joint, but I wasn't sure how I felt about being out at night on my own. It is true about the drugs and pushy vendors. Not really place for single women to be alone at night.
Posted on 25/12/2010 by Frank Wright

Cruise Ship Resort Town
A lot of couples, so not the best place to meet new people on your own. I stayed in basic accommodation, but it was good enough - clean with a pool though not right on the beach. Most of the beach property is owned by the big resorts. There are a few nightclubs and places with live music which make it more interesting, but again mostly couples. Lots of drugs and scams, but nice scenery on the beach during the day.
Posted on 03/9/2010 by Finn H

Chilling Culture Clash and Cool Nighttime Vibe
Had a nice time here. It is a tourist location and it is clear that there is a big discrepancy between rich tourists and poor locals. There is a big push to sell things and it is not the safest place at night - also, traffic is pretty crazy, but it was still cool to see the real Jamaica versus the commercial one. I'd recommend a visit, just watch yourself a bit.
Posted on 06/11/2008 by Renee Teichner