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(Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Famous for its rich Portuguese heritage, historical architecture and huge quantity of sandy beaches, Paraty enjoys a scenic secluded bayfront setting alongside the Bay of Ilha Grande. The colonial centre of Paraty is packed with character and its cobbled streets are closed to all traffic, encouraging visitors to explore the area at a more leisurely pace, on foot.

The plentiful tropical beaches are often just a short distance from Paraty, being connected by regular buses and boat trips. If you are looking for quiet beaches with a difference, you may like to venture into the Parque Serra da Botanica, where a number enjoy lush backdrops provided by remnants of the Mata Atlantica (Atlantic Rainforest).

Paraty is an extremely popular Brazilian tourist destination and can become busy during the summer season, when holiday makers from all over Brazil and Europe arrive in their droves. A good port of call when you first arrive is the Centro de Informacoes Turisticas (Tourist Information Centre), which stands on the Avenida Roberto Silveira, close to the Praca do Chafariz and the market, and dispenses invaluable tourism advice.

Paraty Tourist Information and Tourism: Top Sights

Many of the attractions in Paraty are understandably closely related to its coastline and wealth of beaches, with both snorkelling and scuba diving being popular around Rio de Janeiro. For the best dive sites, you will need to join a tailor-made diving cruise or charter your own boat. Alternatively, leisurely schooner cruises provide a pleasant way to sightsee along the coast, with over 300 islands residing within reach of this resort. If you have time and are interested in the history of the Brazilian gold rush, then consider taking a stroll along the restored sections of the nearby Caminho do Ouro (Gold Trail), enjoying the scenery along the way. Next to Paraty, trails through the Mata Atlantica are also popular and provide a good way to see some native Brazilian wildlife in natural surroundings, such as monkeys, parrots and toucans. More information about Paraty Tourist Attractions.

A rather eclectic miscellany of landmarks and historical buildings are peppered around central Paraty, including several impressive churches. The most noteworthy of these are the Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Rosário e Sao Benedito dos Homens Pretos, the Igreja Santa Rita dos Pardos Libertos and the Capela de Nossa Senhora das Dores. As the largest church in Paraty, the 18th-century Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora do Remédios is also worth mentioning, being reputedly funded by pirate treasure. Even older is the hilltop fortress named the Forte Defensor Perpétuo - a stronghold dating from 1703 and boasting great views of the Old Town (Vila Velha). For something more natural, check out the cascading Cachoeira da Pedra Branca (White Stone Waterfall) at nearby Fazenda Murycana, which is around a 15-minute drive away. More information about Paraty Landmarks and Monuments.

Central Paraty is packed with history and its innumerable colonial buildings provide an interesting alternative to the beaches and water sports. Located on the eastern side of the town, the Casa da Cultura (House of Culture) is a noteworthy museum-type attraction and contains much information relating to the town's spectacular annual Corpus Christi celebrations, where colourful carpets are fashioned from flowers and petals. Local handicrafts are in good supply at the Casa de Artista e Centro de Artes e Tradiciones Populares (House of Artists and Arts Centre), while a very decent display of religious art works and artefacts is to be found at the Museu de Arte Sacra (Museum of Sacred Art), which is housed within the early 18th-century Igreja Santa Rita dos Pardos Libertos. More information about Paraty Museums and Paraty Art Galleries.

Enjoying a lively coastal situation, Paraty is just a short distance from countless islands and outlying beaches, which make for ideal day trips. The Ilha Grande is one such island destination and comes with secluded sandy beaches and some excellent hiking trails. Those keen on hiking may also like to venture along the network of trails within the nearby Parque Nacional de Serrada Bocaina (Serra da Bocaina National Park), where Brazilian flora and fauna is in abundance. An unusual tourist attraction is the Cachoeira Tobaga (Tobaga Waterfall), which is something of a natural stone water slide enjoying a very beautiful jungle setting. Although there are many beaches within easy reach of Paraty, the village of Trindade stands out in particular and really does boast some of the best beaches in Brazil, being further enhanced by the surrounding jungle landscape, rock pools, waterfalls and large selection of beachfront bars. More information about Paraty Attractions Nearby.

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