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Re. Bennachie Hill
There are frequent bus services from the city to Bennachie Hill and you can get more information about the bus routes from the Tourist Information Centre.
Posted on 25/3/2012 by Rob

Bennachie Hill
Just outside of the city are hiking trails through beautiful scenery. We rented a car and drove to the visitors centre because we didn't want to walk there. At the centre we got a map and a lot of advice from the staff. We chose to do a more difficult hike but there are easier routes if you are not so fit. The view from the top was breath taking and we took a lot of photos.
Posted on 23/2/2012 by Margret Bryant

Aberdeen Art Gallery
We joined the crowds of tourists at the art gallery and from the beginning we were impressed. The building is remarkable and it exemplifies 19th centaury architecture. Artwork dated back to the 15th century and we loved the special displays. This is the main cultural attraction in the city and it is definitely a must see.
Posted on 12/6/2011 by Matthew Wallace

Tourist Information Office
Start your trip at the tourist information office in Broad street. The staff were kind and we got everything we needed to enjoy sightseeing including maps, bus numbers and helpful advice.
Posted on 03/4/2011 by Jodi

Aberdeen Maritime Museum
The museum has 4 floors and it took us a few hours to explore them all. We saw a lot of children busy with a treasure hunt around the museum and they seemed to be having fun. The exhibits were informative and we learnt about the North Sea oil history. Entrance is free and after walking around the museum we relaxed at the café for lunch. The waiters were friendly and the food was good.
Posted on 13/12/2010 by Eric Owens