Attractions Nearby Eindhoven, Day Trips and Excursions

(Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands)

Picture of the Amsterdam train stationThe countryside surrounding the city of Eindhoven contains a selection of different attractions, with many interesting villages warranting further investigation. A number of cycle trails allow this area to be explored at your leisure, while further afield and around one and a half-hours from Eindhoven (126 km / 78 miles to the north), Amsterdam is one Dutch attraction not to miss.

Apart from Amsterdam, other notable cities close to Eindhoven include both Rotterdam and The Hague (Den Haag), while across the Belgian border, Antwerp is also nearby. A particularly charming neighbouring town brimming with many interesting attractions is Breda, where tourists will be delighted to discover many central streets lined with an appealing mixture of shops and cafes.

View of canal in Amsterdam


The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam has a little something for everyone, and more besides. Within easy reach of Eindhoven and famous the world over for its endless canals, Red Light District and popular hash cafes, Amsterdam is also home to a number of truly outstanding art galleries, as well as many seasonal events, such as the Holland Festival each June, and the worldly Gay Pride Canal Parade at the beginning of August.

Picture of Antwerp


Being so close to the border of Belgium, many visitors to Eindhoven choose to enjoy a day out in the neighbouring Belgian city of Antwerp, which is some 95 km / 59 miles to the south-west. Antwerp's historical city centre (Oude Stad) is amongst the main attractions and it is here where you will encounter the public square known as the Groenplaats, which is presided over by the Cathedral of Our Lady (Kathedraal).

Photo of giraffes drinking at the Beekse Bergen Safari Park

Beekse Bergen Safari Park

Address: Beekse Bergen 1, 5081 NJ Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)13 549 1200
Situated just 30 minutes from Eindhoven's airport, the Beekse Bergen Safari Park offers the perfect day out for families. Close to the town of Tilburg, the Beekse Bergen Safari Park is actually the largest African-style safari park in the whole of Holland and boasts large groups of giraffes, lions, zebras, rhinos, elephants and even some camels.
Open hours: December and January, daily - 10:00 to 16:00; February and November, daily - 10:00 to 16:30; March to June and September to October, daily - 10:00 to 17:00; July and August, daily - 10:00 to 18:00
Admission: charge, children three years old and under are free

Picture of Breda


There are also a number of rather pretty central parks, which are always filled with seasonal flower displays and various attractions. Close to the Belgian border, central Breda is just a short walk from the train station, through the Valkenberg Park. At 63 km / 39 miles west of Eindhoven, Breda is popular with day-trippers and boasts a castle, medieval church (Grote Kerk) and a number of well-preserved 12th-century buildings, such as the Begijnhof.

The Hague (Den Haag)

Formerly the Dutch capital prior to 1806, The Hague is to be found around 143 km / 89 miles to the north-west of Eindhoven and filled with interest and tourist attractions of note. Those taking time out to pay a visit to The Hague will find that the city does not actually have a true centre, but instead several hearts, based around The Binnenhof parliament buildings and also the Kerkplein.

View of Rotterdam


At approximately 111 km / 69 miles to the north-west of Eindhoven, the many attractions of Rotterdam are easily close enough for a day trip. Rotterdam is filled with interesting, modern buildings and boasts an enormous selection of museums, many of which are to be found around the city's acclaimed Museumpark. The Delfshaven district is amongst Rotterdam's most historic and it is here that you will find an iconic reconstruction of an 18th-century windmill, overlooking the waterfront at Voorhaven.

Image of Tilburg


Formerly a textile town and today known for its thriving student population, Tilburg is now a reasonably sized city with more than 200,000 inhabitants. Although there is little in the way of tourist attractions in Tilburg, each year the city enjoys an influx of visitors in the middle of July, when its Tilburgse Kermis (Tilburg Fair) takes place and is nothing short of a huge street party, lasting around two weeks. Tilburg is to be found 35 km / 22 miles to the west of Eindhoven and can be reached in around 40 minutes.