Eindhoven Restaurants and Dining

(Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands)

Picture of people eating outside during the summerVisitors staying in Eindhoven will not have a problem when it comes to restaurants and dining out. It is fair to say that the dining scene in Eindhoven has never been more international, with the steady stream of tourists influencing the dishes now offered at restaurants and eateries, which often include Indonesian, Mexican and Italian themed menus.

Dutch cuisine is also available for those wishing to experience a little of the local specialities when dining out in Eindhoven. These native dishes include 'stamppotten' (stews), 'gehaktballen' (meatballs), 'kraut' (smoked sausage), 'kroketten' (croquettes) and also 'mosselen' (mussels).

Photo of central restaurant

Where to Eat

A dense selection of restaurants and other eateries are based around Eindhoven's nightlife district of Het Stratumseind. Here you will find a group of more than 30 different restaurants, bars and lively cafes, most of which stand side by side and compete for your attention. This particular dining and drinking stretch is considered to be one of the most concentrated in the whole of Eindhoven and not to be missed under any circumstances, being perfect for a spot of bar hopping.

Picture of picnickers in the City ParkMany restaurants are also to be found around the Markt (Market Square), in central Eindhoven, where on a sunny day, the terraces are soon filled with tables and al fresco diners. Cafes, live-music bars and similar dining venues are also located around the Stationsplein, which stands directly opposite the Eindhoven Centraal Station (railway station). Close by, don't overlook the restaurants and pubs on the Stratumseind, around the historical De Bergen area, and around the characterful public square that is the Wilhelminaplein.