Eindhoven Shopping and Districts

(Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands)

Picture of shoppers in the cityThere are countless shops in Eindhoven, meaning that if you intend for shopping to be part of your holiday in the Netherlands, the city will undoubtedly meet your needs. Eindhoven features a number of prominent central shopping streets, lined with department stores, smaller independent shops, boutiques and plenty of affordable eateries.

De Heuvel Galerie is one of the main shopping centres in Eindhoven and this covered indoor mall is a great way to spend a rainy day, being conveniently close to the Markt. Around the Markt is an array of pedestrianised streets, lined with interesting shops and bars.

Photo of the city centre

When to Shop and Opening Hours

Shops in Eindhoven tend to open from 09:30 until 18:00 Monday to Thursday, although some shops opt for a later start of Mondays and may not open until midday. Late-night shopping is always a feature of Fridays and most shops choose to extend their hours, remaining open until as late as 21:00 or thereabouts.

Saturday is always a busy day for shopping in Eindhoven, with most shops closing their doors at around 17:00. Recently, shops now also open on the first Sunday in the month and this has been greeted with great enthusiasm by the local Dutch.

View inside central mall

Where to Shop

Apart from De Heuvel Galerie, the Piazza Centre is the other main shopping centre in Eindhoven and contains a number of large department stores, along with boutiques and music stores. Many streets around central Eindhoven pride themselves in catering to the keen shopper, being traffic free and offering everything that you could possible need.

Check out stretches such as the Bergstraat, Demer, Hooghuisstraat and the Nieuwstraat, where it is likely that you will find what you are looking for, and more.