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(Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands)

Picture of bicycles outside of the train stationTourists usually find that the cheapest and easiest way to travel around Eindhoven is to use the city's public transportation, namely the buses and modern trams. However, although locals in Eindhoven also use public transport, many prefer to travel by bicycle, taking advantage of the flat roads and scenic views along the way.

Bus stops are easy to find and often indicate how long you will need to wait for the next bus. Most buses in Eindhoven operate throughout the day, with unlimited travel available if you purchase the inexpensive 'Met Elkaartje' ticket. A popular alternative to buses are the electric 'Phileas' trams, which travel using a magnetic guidance system.

Aerial view of the city

Eindhoven Airport (EIN) / Arriving by Air

Formerly known as Welschap, Eindhoven Airport is conveniently situated just 7 km / 4 miles from the city centre itself and each year is used by well over two million travellers, making this Holland's second-biggest air facility after Amsterdam's considerably larger Schiphol Airport. Regular flights connect many prominent European cities, such as Dublin, Milan, Paris, Stockholm and London, with Ryanair being a notable budget airline. Bus transport is always on hand, travelling to and from central Eindhoven and linking the train station.

Eindhoven Airport (EIN) Guide

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Car Rental

Car rental is also popular with tourists visiting the Netherlands and many travellers choose to hire a car upon their arrival at Eindhoven Airport. The city is connected to Amsterdam, Maastricht and also Luxembourg by the A2 highway, while Breda and Tilburg can be reached along the A58, and Nijmegen by using the A50.

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View of local city bus

Buses, Coaches and Trams

City bus transport arrives and departs from the Neckerspoel bus station, providing a cheap way to travel around not only Eindhoven, but also the surrounding towns and villages.

Timetables are readily available at the station, along with other related information, such as routes and travel cards.

Picture of the train station


There are two train stations in the city. Western Holland is linked by the Eindhoven Central station, although train transport from here also travels in both a southerly and easterly direction. Popular destinations from this station include Amsterdam, Den Haag and Rotterdam. The Eindhoven Beukenlaan station, located on the Boxtel-Eindhoven stretch is the place to head if you are planning to travel to Tilburg and this building is easy to spot, being hexagonal in shape. Those arriving at the Beukenlaan station should look out for the old Philips Factory and many other interesting buildings.