Siena Property Market and Real Estate Guide

(Siena, Tuscany, Italy)

Rooftop view over SienaOften viewed as a counterpart to Florence, Siena flourished in medieval times, which is why it boasts so much imposing Gothic brick architecture. Furthermore, the fact that the city centre is compact and overflowing with services, shops and restaurants makes Siena an ideal place to rent or own property.

Property in Siena is relatively expensive to buy, especially in the 12th-century historic core. The fact that remains that living in such an attractive central location is worth a premium, and there are plenty of international investors who would love to hold a slice of real estate here in Tuscany. As such, long-term real estate prices in Siena generally hold.

The old city is Y-shaped, built on a ridge with medieval alleyways scattering down the slopes. Premium rental properties are at the top near Piazza del Campo, while satellite communities along the highway offer more affordable homes for purchase.

Further rooftop view of Siena

Renting Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are common in Siena, especially in slightly off-centre locations or even out in the Tuscan countryside. Given the historic nature of the region, these are often housed in restored medieval complexes, but they still offer fully modern facilities.

Serviced apartments in Siena cost more than standard apartments, but they are fully furnished, include select room services and may even have spacious grounds. In the short term, they are priced similarly to hotels, though serviced apartments may have a more personable atmosphere. In the long run (especially after a period of two weeks or more) they become more competitively priced and can generally offer as much service as a hotel for a substantial discount.

Buying Apartments and Houses

Terms for types of properties in Italy may be difficult for English-speakers to decipher. 'Villa' and 'appartamento' are straightforward enough, but the breadth of terms beyond this (some of which are misleadingly similar to English words) can easily confuse a new property buyer.

The buyer usually lays down a 20 percent deposit early in the process. Buyers who are (or plan to become) Italian residents may pay as little as three to four percent of the sale price to register their property. Holiday homes incur at least a ten percent fee, but this figure nearly doubles for non-residents buying holiday homes. Several intermittent tiers apply.

Real Estate Agents

The best way to make sense of the complex fee structure is to hire a knowledgeable real estate agent who can offer advice on obtaining residency and framing the purchase in the most economical way possible. An agent with a strong command of English will help decipher the pantheon of terms that apply to buying property in Siena.

Check with the following Siena real estate agents:

Agenzia Immobiliare Turchi
Address: Piazza Antonio Gramsci 19, IT-53100, Siena, Italy, IT
Tel: +39 05 774 7192
Immobiliare Turchi offers historic apartments in Siena, as well as detached homes in the suburbs. The real estate office is in the heart of the medieval city.

Siena 2000 Immobiliare
Address: 2 Massetana Romana, Siena, IT-53100, Italy, IT
Tel: +39 05 772 2697
Siena 2000 has an extensive portfolio and plenty of experience working with real estate in the local community.

Immobiliare Tuscany
Address: Strada Massetana Romana 50A, Siena, IT-53100, Italy, IT
Tel: +39 05 772 71939
Immobiliare Tuscany is a reputable real estate agency with a decade of experience and a centrally located office.