Siena Hotels and Accommodation

(Siena, Tuscany, Italy)

Central city view, showing towerSiena is a popular tourist destination with a good variety of accommodation to suit all travel budgets. As well as traditional hotels, holiday rental apartments and guesthouses within the centre of Siena, it's also possible to stay in farmhouse accommodation and similar lodging on the outskirts of the city.

Siena becomes extremely busy in the summer months and in particular during Il Palio, an event which is central to the city's annual calendar. Consequently, hotel rooms are often booked months in advance. Visitors are advised to telephone ahead to reserve the accommodation of their choice.

Picture of the historic Old Town district

Where to Stay

Siena boasts several high-class hotels, many of which are located close to the city's top tourist attractions. These include the palatial Grand Hotel Continental. For a premium price, visitors can expect to enjoy the hotel's sumptuous surroundings, as well as its central location on one of Siena's most upmarket streets, Via Bianchi.

Siena offers a large number of small hotels that are suitable for those seeking mid-budget accommodation. In general, these hotels offer pleasant and comfortable accommodation at reasonable prices. Many are conveniently located in the historic centre of Siena. If you prefer a peaceful night's sleep, it's possible to find a few lodging options which enforce a late night curfew. Alternatively, plenty of family-run hotels and guesthouses can be found in Siena's quieter residential neighbourhoods. Visitors looking for a hotel room with a history can opt for lodgings in one of the city's former palaces, such as the Hotel Duomo on the Via di Stalloreggi.

Different photo of the Old TownLow-budget accommodation can be found in Siena's youth hostel, Ostello Guidoriccio, located just a short distance from the city centre. Alternatively, Siena has a few campsites which offer visitors a chance to explore the city on the tightest of budgets. The nearest of these is a bus ride from the centre of Siena.

Tuscan farmhouses are always a popular accommodation option, particularly with families and groups of friends who prefer to self-cater rather that stay in actual hotels. Such accommodation is good value for money and has the advantage of being set in the beautiful countryside that surrounds Siena. Staying in a farmhouse also gives guests an opportunity to enjoy a real 'Tuscan experience'.