Frankfurt Hotels and Accommodation

(Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany)

Picture of waterfront hotels next to the River MainHotels in Frankfurt can be a little expensive at times, due to high demand from both business travellers and visiting holiday makers. In general, if you find particularly cheap accommodation in Frankfurt, the room is likely to be small and the facilities basic. However, Frankfurt's tourist offices at the Hauptbahnhof (train station) and along Beethovenstrasse, will be happy to assist you in your quest for lodging, if you have chosen not to book ahead, and have been known to pull bargains out of the bag.

Pensions within the city (private boarding houses) often provide good-value accommodation, being conveniently located in many cases. It is also worth bearing in mind that plenty of the hotels in Frankfurt do reduce their rates at the weekend, when businessmen leave the city and available accommodation is at its most plentiful.

Busy trade shows in Frankfurt also influence the price of Frankfurt's hotels and it is not unusual for rates to shoot up for short periods of time, due to excessive demand.

Photo showing the Messetur skyscraper in the background

Where to Stay

Many of the cheapest hotels within Frankfurt are to be found around the Bahnhofsviertel area (Station Quarter), close to the Hauptbahnhof. Whilst this may not be the most appealing part of the city, the low-end accommodation here is inexpensive and there are also a few nicer, more upscale options. Particularly popular with budget travellers is the DJH Hostel, which lies on the southern banks of the Main River and is just a short walk away from Frankfurt city centre and the legendary nightlife around the Sachsenhausen area.

Those arriving to visit Frankfurt's many regular trade fairs will find a good selection of accommodation close to the main Exhibition Centre and around the nearby Westend neighbourhood, where well-known brands are amongst the most popular hotels. However, most people choose to stay within Frankfurt city centre and the lodging here is often just a short walk from the best places to visit, being particularly clustered around Rossmarkt, the Hauptwaches, near to the busy Zeil shopping district, and along the Kannengiessergasse - behind the Dom cathedral.