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Abbey and market
I had intentions of going to Mont St Michel for quite a while, but had never actually got round to it until recently. There is plenty to do, with a market and lots of shops to visit. I spent a lot of time walking around the area, as it was amazing. I particularly enjoyed viewing the abbey at the top, and it is pointless going to the site and not seeing the abbey, as it is the reason why most people visit. It was the highlight of my trip to France, and if you go, try to go at night, as it looks even more impressive then.
Posted on 21/2/2014 by Toby Wan

Famous Eats
Be Sure to Try the Eggs at Mama Poulard!
Posted on 10/4/2012 by Jon L

For the King and Queen
It is such a beautiful place - we were all very happy to have been. It has many tourists, but still has a village feel. It felt like living at a castle - to be royalty.
Posted on 19/2/2012 by Vic M

Re. Not As Fun As It Looks
It is busy, but worth it if even a simple lunch.
Posted on 25/12/2011 by Dan Brown

Not As Fun As It Looks
The whole place is one big tourist trap. The food is expensive everywhere and there are so many people with slim walkways. I would go to see and take pictures, but not stay.
Posted on 15/10/2010 by Donnie Knips

Like a Fairytale
Pure fantasy! I love every second that I was there! Yes, it is crowded, by the setting is just purely beyond stunning. It would be better to go when kids are in school even if that means that the weather is not as good. We stayed at a hotel inside the gates and I couldn't have been happier - so romantic.
Posted on 20/7/2010 by Leslie Donald

A Lot To Do In a Small Place
The castle-village is on a partial sand spit. You can take photos from just about any view. The abbey, cloister and monastery are all open to the public for tours. There is also the west terrace for just sitting to enjoy the sun. There are donkey rides for the kids also.
Posted on 01/3/2010 by Bjorn Frandsen