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Sandown Zoo
Last month my family and I went on a trip to see all the amazing animals at Sandown Zoo. The cafe is really nice and there is a adventure park right next to it! The most active animals there were the Degus, and I would definitely recommend seeing them.
Posted on 12/1/2013 by Rachel Gledhill

Blackgang Chine
What a lot of fun we had at Blackgang Chine, what a shame the cliffs are wearing away. I wonder how much time it has left. Me and my brother liked the Mouth Of Hell. I also liked the Forestey castle area where you can play life size snakes and ladders. I hope in 10 years time it hasn't all fallen into the sea. It was an amazing holiday and I wish we could go again
Posted on 6/1/2013 by Jamie and His Magic Torch

Blackgang Chine
It is a nice day out with the family. Not a must see, but I would recommend at least having a look through the gates before you decide whether to go or not. If you are with under 9s then definitely go. I have no idea about the main rollercoaster as it had broken down the time we visited, however loved the water slide! Lovely gardens and picnic areas. Particularly nice scenery in the cowboy area too. Bear in mind, it will appeal to young children rather than older ones.
Posted on 19/3/2012 by Rhys

Isle of Wight - Osborne House is a must for everyone - don't miss out on this!
We came here for a week at the beginning of October and I think we hit lucky, because the weather was exceptional, really sunny. Some of the summer attractions had closed, but there was still far to much to cram in, in just one week. We spent almost an entire day leisurely wandering around the Osborne House estate, formerly the home of Queen Victoria. These guides loved being asked questions. We walked to the Swiss Cottage, where the children played, as saw a red squirrel on the way.
Isle of Wight
Posted on 15/10/2007 by Joan

Blackgang Chine - theme park
If you're coming to the Isle of Wight, then the Blackgang Chine amusement park is for you. If has a good water slide, where you sit in a rubber dinghy. There was also a small roller coaster, but it was out of order that week. It really didn't matter though as there was so much else to do, like the dinosaur walk, play areas, hedge maze, fairytale land and other things like yet. Really good day out, and you get to use your ticket for another visit if you have the time.
Posted on 26/8/2007 by William Mokel

Alum Chimes - Touristy, but fun
Alum Chimes is definitely something for tourists, but it was very good and quite cheap. There were chair lifts up and down the cliffs, a carousel, cars for children, and of course, the chance to make some glass ornaments using the naturally coloured sand, which had been collected from the beach below.
Posted on 20/6/2007 by Tenner

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