Jaipur Shopping and Districts

(Jaipur, Rajasthan, India)

Picture of shopers in the cityThe city of Jaipur is a true shopping haven and buying souvenirs is an important part of many a holiday. However, when shopping in Jaipur, do be prepared to haggle, as shopkeepers hike their prices for tourists in a rush, and when pushed, will drop them quite substantially. Look out for the Rajasthali government emporium on MI Road, and also the chichi stores, which all tend to fix prices.

When shopping in Jaipur's biggest stores, it is often possible to arrange for the goods to be packaged and posted home, although you will find that this is always less expensive to do it yourself. Tourists shopping for souvenirs and gifts soon realise that Jaipur is famous for its many precious stones and gems, which are especially plentiful around the Pahar Ganj area, where you can even watch them being polished.

View of the Hawa Mahal palace

Where to Shop

For jewellery shopping in Jaipur, head to the Siredeori and Johari bazaar, where you will discover a wealth of jewellery stores, selling gold and silver pieces. Also here will be many intricate glazed enamel works, which are a true speciality of Jaipur and known locally as 'meenakari'.

Much of Jaipur remains roughly split into artisans quarters and many of these areas specialise in their own sets of goods. Saris and textiles of various descriptions are in good supply at Jaipur's Bapu Bazaar, along with many pretty trinkets. Further fabric shopping presents itself along the Johari Bazaar, Kishanpol Bazaar and Nehru Bazaar, where prices tend to be a little cheaper. Popular gift ideas include 'jootis', which are traditional Rajasthani shoes, available at many of the bazaars around Jaipur.

Various showrooms are to be found along Amber Road and also close to the Zorawar Gate. This part of Jaipur is especially good for antiques shopping and features a good choice of ceramics, furniture and carpets.

Always be wary of people trying to steer you to specific shops, since most will be trying to gain a commission. The even applies to Jaipur's travel agents and some hotels.