Jaipur Restaurants and Dining

(Jaipur, Rajasthan, India)

Picture of terrace dining in the cityRestaurants in Jaipur offer a true taste of India, serving many local Punjab-style dishes and spicy meals, which often feature onion, ginger and garlic as the basis. Dining options are easy to find and often serve tandoori chicken, curries, many Rajasthani vegetarian meals and delicacies, such as 'dal-bati-choorma', a sweetened bread pudding.

Tourists who prefer a taste of home often choose to eat at one of Jaipur's many familiar fast-food restaurants, where you will be able to enjoy everything from pizzas to burgers. Quick eats are available at many food stalls within markets and on street corners around Jaipur, where you can enjoy everything from kebabs to 'bari' (baked wholemeal balls).

Photo of local hotel restaurant

What to Eat

The Rajasthan landscape is generally fairly arid and this has led to locals favouring a hot and spicy cuisine, where dishes are often derived from fairly meagre ingredients.

Since fresh vegetables are fairly limited, many restaurants choose to use more pulses, cereals and milk to produce many surprisingly tasty and flavoursome dishes, such as 'churma' (sweetened flour balls with nuts).

Meats are often cooked without water, instead using either milk or curd, together with 'ghee' butter. Classical dining in Jaipur may include 'murg ko khaato' (chicken with curd gravy), 'kacher mass' (spiced lamb) or 'achar murg' (pickled chicken).

View of table set for dinner

Where to Eat

Restaurants throughout central Jaipur tend to become especially lively at around 21:00, when service is in full swing. MI Road is a great spot for dining out in Jaipur and in particular, the rocket-shaped OM restaurant stands at almost 60 metres / 197 feet and slowly revolves completely every 45 minutes, offering great views across the Jaipur cityscape.

Further eateries lie within Jaipur's Old City district, including a number of lively dining options around the Johari Bazaar and Nehru Bazaar. Several restaurants also reside along the Shiv Marg, within Bani Park, with a number specialising in buffet dining and vegetarian food.