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The Monkey Temple
This is also named as the Temple of the Sun God and is one of my favourite sights within Jaipur. It was a fair trek to get here and that is quite a good thing really, because it wasn't at all crowded, not like some of the more central temples and attractions. We caught a rickshaw to the bottom of the hill and then walked up to the temple. And why you ask is it called the Monkey Temple - because you sure do find a lot of monkeys when you get here.
Posted on 29/9/2007 by Ted Note

Flowers at the Flower Market
The Flower Market is in the old town centre of Jaipur and really is pretty cool. Lots of colour and lots of nice smells. Quite a memorable sight.
Posted on 30/6/2007 by Reggie Bennet

The Nearby Amber Fort
Go to the Amber Fort. It is around 7 miles from Jaipur and is actually the former capital of the historic Rajput empire. The Ambe Fort is located on a hill top and was built towards the end of the 16th century. The views get bettwe and better as you zigzag your way up the hill, passing lots of people trying to sell you all sorts of junk along the way. We were to lazy to walk up it so we chose another option - yes, we went up by elephant!
Posted on 16/5/2007 by Lenny G.

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