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Re. Amazing experience
We enjoyed NamibRand Nature Reserve more than the safari. All facets of Namibia's desert landscape were represented just half a mile from the centre of the country's capital, Windhoek. Maybe a little on the pricey side though!
Posted on 30/7/2011 by Howard Johnson

Amazing experience
We had a wonderful safari experience at Karibu Safari. It was both comfortable and adventurous fun for the whole of the family. Our guide was incredibly friendly and informative. With people like him, Namibia's tourism industry will keep on going from strength to strength.
Posted on 21/7/2011 by Megan Buckley

Windhoek's best watering hole
It was fortunate for us that Joe's Beerhouse was directly across from our hotel. After a day of safaris and treks and the like, a few local beers were well-deserved. The staff were on top of their game and the place's interior was wonderful. Check it out, if you have time one evening.
Posted on 25/4/2010 by Richard Cunningham

Wonderful yet free of charge
Namibia's National Botanic Garden was completely free to enter and we enjoyed a lovely drive from Klein Windhoek before eventually getting on Sam Nujoma Drive. Wonderful exhibits and plenty for people to take on board as they learn about southern Africa and its plants, among other things.
Posted on 20/1/2009 by J Clarkson

Swakopmund's main museum
Our afternoon at Swakopmund Museum was wonderful and it cost us a pittance to gain entry to the attraction. The history of this area is fascinating and I have a lot more respect for the pioneers that came from Europe and established this wonderful town.
Posted on 17/6/2008 by V Van De BLit