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Re. Notre Dame
Next time I would recommend going between 10am and 12pm. This way most people have already gone to work and you will be there before the rush hour when most offices take their lunch break.
Posted on 2/7/2011 by Seb

North Africa's best architecture
We wanted a photo of us next to the Notre Dame in Algiers to feature at the start of our Algerian photo album, which is why we headed there first. There wasn't a lot to see and it was incredibly busy but we did all we needed to there and enjoyed marvelling at Africa's answer to the Notre Dame in Paris.
Posted on 26/5/2011 by Paul Hickman

Re. pickpocket trouble at the Kasbah
That's terrible to hear but unfortunately it happens. Where you there at night? This is why most foreigners are advised to have a local guide or visit as early on in the day as possible.
Posted on 16/8/2010 by D. K. L.

Among the oldest towns in Africa
I try to check out World Heritage Sites if there are any to marvel at and wasn't disappointed with Algiers' old town, and its Kasbah, which has been masterfully preserved may I add. The only gripe I could have is that I'm sure something was taken from my pockets!
Posted on 2/2/2010 by Russell Simpson

The great Algerian outdoors away from the capital
Don't get me wrong, I do like Algiers but it gets a little hectic for me at times. I've visited Algeria quite often and recommend that any outdoor enthusiasts arrange a trip to Tipasa and its Archaeological Park. I just hope the 20 dinars (roughly 20 cents of a euro) budget doesn't hit you too hard in the wallet!
Posted on 30/10/2009 by G Baker