Nashville Restaurants and Dining

(Nashville, Tennessee - TN, USA)

Whether you are looking for lobster and duck foie gras or simply a burger and fries, Nashville provides a wide spectrum of restaurants, eateries and dining venues that cater for all budgets. Popular dining locations in Nashville include numerous restaurants dotted along and near Woodland Street in East Nashville, which attract a young and hip crowd; downtown Nashville, which is teeming with diners and coffee houses; and Music Row and Demonbreun Street for the pubs and night spots. Food is served around the clock at Nashville's restaurants and all the usual international and fast food choices are available.

Opening Hours

In Nashville it is possible to eat at any time of the day, with several downtown diners offering 24-hour service, while there are also coffee houses serving sandwiches and hot drinks around the clock. Breakfasts are served from as early as 06:00, while usual lunch hours are between 11:00 and 14:00. Restaurants in Nashville open for dinner about 17:00 and close at 23:00, with some drinking establishments closing as late as 02:00.

Wine and Beer

Country establishments rule when it comes to finding a place to drink in Nashville, whereas visitors who have had their fill of cowboy hats and line dancing might like to try one of the more sophisticated late-night venues or cocktail bars in East Nashville or downtown. Music Row is a popular night time drinking spot, while Demonbreun Street is another favorite where brewpubs and Irish theme watering holes can be found.


Downtown diners serving everything from fry ups to waffles and muffins are the most popular breakfast venues in Nashville, while a huge selection of bakeries serving mouthwatering breads, cakes and pastries are dotted throughout the city. Many 24-hour diners in Nashville serve breakfast around the clock and there is a good choice of restaurants that serve all-day breakfasts. Nashville's hotels are also common breakfast territory for tourists looking to fill up before the day ahead.


Many people in Nashville choose a sandwich for lunch at one of the many coffee houses, delicatessens and bakery style cafés peppered throughout the city. If you are looking for something a bit more filling, there are plenty of cheap pizzerias and Mexican restaurants throughout Nashville, where you can fuel up before an afternoon of sightseeing. The Arcade in downtown Nashville is also a popular lunchtime venue.


Downtown Nashville offers diners serving everything from steak and eggs to ribs and cornbread at any hour of the night, while international cuisine on offer includes Mexican and Indian restaurants, among other choices. Whether you are looking for high-end dining and a five course meal or just a pizza, Nashville has a collection of restaurants to suit all taste buds. There are also a number of theme restaurants in downtown Nashville, including Planet Hollywood and the Nascar Café, but if you'd rather not pay triple the price for a cheeseburger, nearby venues sell the same dishes at more reasonable prices.