Nashville Life and Visitor Travel Tips

(Nashville, Tennessee - TN, USA)

Finding your way around Nashville, the Music City, Tennessee TN, isn't difficult; however, you should plan your trip carefully so as not to miss any of its top attractions. A trip to the Nashville Visitor's Center should be your first stop; here you can pick up practical travel tips for touring the city and maps to help you get your bearings as well as essential information on events and opening times.

Tours of Nashville city can be done at your own pace according to your own agenda, or for those of you looking for a hassle free, relaxing insight into Nashville, guided tours are available. With customized package tours to suit everyone from music lovers wanting to tour recording studios and concert halls to history buffs keen on tracing local history, you are sure to find something suited to your tastes.

Tourism and Tourist Information

To enhance your Nashville holiday experience don't forget to make use of the excellent tourist information services that are available in the city. Nashville Visitor's Center is a great resource for holiday makers looking for information and assistance or details on attractions.

Nashville Visitor's Center
Address: 501 Broadway Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee TN, 37203-3932, USA
Tel: +1 615 259 4747
Open hours: daily - 08:00 to 20:00


Over 300 languages are spoken in the USA, including over 170 that are indigenous to the area, with the most commonly spoken language in Nashville, Tennessee (TN) and throughout the US being English. Many different ethnicities and nationalities are well represented in Nashville and most languages are available for study in schools and language centers.


For details on whether you will require a visa for travel to the Nashville area it is best to check with your nearest consulate or embassy for information specific to your country. There are a number of different types of visa available, with visitors to Nashville usually requiring a non-immigrant visa, permitting temporary stay.


There are several categories of non-immigrant visas available to those wishing to work in Nashville and Tennessee (TN) temporarily. Working without a visa is strictly forbidden in Nashville and there are harsh penalties for those who are caught in breach of this law. Persons wishing to work in the Nashville and throughout America must apply for the relevant visa in their home country and usually require a letter from their prospective American employer, together with other documents.


Tipping is commonplace in Nashville and is necessary when you consider service to have been satisfactory. At Nashville restaurants, a 15 percent tip is the norm, although service charges may be automatically added to your bill. Bars differ slightly in Nashville and provide a tipping tray on the counter.

Taxes and Refunds

Most states in the US operate a sales tax of between seven and eight percent on goods and services, although some states have no tax at all. Sales tax is not reclaimable by tourists leaving Nashville, although visitors holding the relevant working visa may be eligible for a tax refund of some kind.


A few decades ago locals in Nashville and throughout Tennessee accepted smoking in public places without any fuss, but nowadays things are no longer the same. Laws restrict the public areas in which people are allowed to smoke in Nashville, so it is always a good idea to check with those nearby before smoking in Nashville.