Columbia Photos

(Columbia, South Carolina - SC, USA)

Photo Gallery

View of the downtown district, which follows an organized gridwork and inter-crossing streets.

The downtown area, home to many of the city's most impressive buildings and landmarks, with a diverse range of architecture.

Finlay Park, a true oasis in the downtown district, covering almost 20 acres / 8 hectares and dating back to the mid-19th century.

Further view of Finlay Park, which was named after the mayor of Columbia, Kirkman Finlay, in 1992, after previously being known as Sidney Park.

The West Columbia Riverwalk, located alongside the Congaree River and featuring many pathways suitable for walking and cycling.

View of the impressive Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, which features a enormous collection of exotic animals, together with landscaped gardens and views of the nearby river.

View of the city's skyline.

Further view of the cityscape, showing nearby parklands and important areas of green.

The city's grand South Carolina Statehouse, built in 1907 and measuring 50 m / 165 feet, with three main floors.

View of the Columbia South Carolina Temple, an impressive LDS (Latter-Day Saints) building on Trotter Road.

View of the city's surrounding network of roads and highways.

Aerial view of the Five Points area.