Charleston Shopping and Districts

(Charleston, South Carolina - SC, USA)

Shopping in Charleston tends to be a fun and sociable experience, with one of the locals' favorite shopping hangouts being the open air city market and its eclectic mix of arts and crafts.

The city of Charleston is also home to several upscale fashion boutiques, along with interesting antique stores, although you'll have a hard time finding any sprawling suburban malls or multi-level shopping centers in the Charleston area.

Opening Hours

Shops in Charleston open around mid-morning and stay open until 17:00 or 18:00, with many closed on Sundays. Outdoor markets, such as the famed City Market, stay open until the evening, usually closing around 21:00 on weekdays and earlier on Sundays.

Shopping Centers

Most shopping in Charleston tends to be either at sprawling outdoor markets or charming street side shops, with King Street boasting a concentration of quality antique stores. For almost everything else, head to the Old City Market, as Charleston has managed to remain free from the curse of suburban shopping malls.

King Street - King Street, Charleston, South Carolina SC, USA
King Street boasts a good collection of antique stores, offering everything from furniture to jewelry. It is also one of the best spots in Charleston for dining, as well as being a popular local hangout.

Old City Market - Old City Market, Charleston, South Carolina SC, USA
Selling almost everything imaginable from clothes to plants and homewares, the Old City Market is Charleston's premier shopping venue.