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Charleston Marion Square - the Farmers' Market
The Farmers' Market was a great way to experience what the locals get up to on a Saturday. It is next to Calhoun Street and opens early in the morning, at 08:00, and stays open until early afternoon, closing at 14:00. In the summer months, there are lots of events and entertainmetn around Marion Square and the park.
Posted on 6/3/2008 by Oliver Meltof

Gorgeous Sunsets
Charleston has some great sunsets. When we visit, we love to head on down to the marina and hang out at Morgan's Creek Grill, on a table outside. There are great waterfront views here and everyone is always really friendly. And when the sun sets, well, it's quite magical.
Posted on 16/10/2007 by Lewis

Charleston / Waterfront Park
The Waterfront Park is located on the eastern side of the historical district and this is the perfect place to relax. We enjoy sitting here, on a swing seat, and watching the world go by. Some people even dangled their feet in the huge pineapple fountain, which is the centerpiece to the park and much photographed. It was quite surreal to see a big pineapple fountain here, but we very soon got used to it. Lots and lots of flowers.
Posted on 14/5/2007 by Mohamed

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