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(Charleston, South Carolina - SC, USA)

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South Carolina Aquarium image
Photo of South Carolina Aquarium, one of the city's most popular family attractions, including sharks, rays and turtles.

Photo inside the South Carolina Aquarium
Interior view of the South Carolina Aquarium.

Snapshot og beachfront hotels
Many of the hotels are located close to the seafront, with spectacular views of the beach and Atlantic Ocean.

Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens photograph
View of the Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens, in the Mount Pleasant area.

Picture of the Boone Hall Plantation's Cotton Gin building
Historic Cotton Gin building at the Boone Hall Plantation, now housing a popular gift shop.

Photo of the Angel Oak on John's Island
The Angel Oak, an ancient tree reputed to be around 1,500 years old, on John's Island, close to the city of Charleston.

Image of the Cooper River Bridge
View of the spectacular modern Cooper River Bridge, the longest cable-stay bridge in the whole of North America.

View of the United States Custom House
The United States Custom House, a striking public building overlooking East Bay Street.

Picture of a church in downtown Charleston
Historic church, contrasting with the modern architecture in the downtown district.

East Battery area architecture image
Colorful building in the city's East Battery area.

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