Pittsburgh Maps and Orientation

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - PA, USA)

Aerial river view, showing multiple bridgesThe second-biggest of all the cities in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh lies within Allegheny County, where it has become the county seat. Close to the Ohio border and boasting a population now exceeding 350,000 people, Pittsburgh is now a busy and modern city, filled with high-rise structures and tall skyscrapers, many of which reflect in the city's waterfront, where both the Allegheny River (northeast) and Monongahela River (southeast) converge to form the actual Ohio River.

Life in Pittsburgh is very much based around its rivers and therefore the city is filled with bridges, so many in fact that it is often referred to as the 'City of Bridges'. The recently renovated downtown district is sandwiches between the riverfronts and this part of the city has gained the name of the 'Golden Triangle'. Close by, the Point State Park lies at the very confluence of the rivers and is known by local Pennsylvanians as 'The Point'.

Maps and Orientation of the City

The city of Pittsburgh is set within a sloping valley, meaning that some areas are quite steep and sloping, particularly those neighborhoods on the northern side of the city, and also on the southern side of the Monongahela River.

Just a stone's throw to the north of downtown Pittsburgh is the Strip, where many warehouses and restaurants are to be found, along streets such as Penn Avenue and Smallman Avenue. The North Side is also home to some very large sports stadiums and museums, which are close to the Allegheny Square. Other areas include the East End, the South Side and the West End.

Maps are always useful and available from a number of bookstores along 5th Avenue and Murray Avenue, at the airport, and also at the Pittsburgh Convention and Visitors Bureau on Liberty Avenue. The following destinations are shown in relation to Pittsburgh city:

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