Pittsburgh Property Market and Real Estate Guide

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - PA, USA)

Photograph of view over PittsburghMany Americans consider Pittsburgh to be a working-class steel city without much spirit, but in truth this city has gone through some dynamic changes in the past few years. This is an exciting place to live and work, and the fact that so few have realized this helps keep property values down.

Pittsburgh is one of those rare cities in the US that was largely unaffected by the mortgage crisis. Freestanding homes in the suburbs are affordable and they have continued to gain value. In fact, property prices in Pittsburgh are as high as (or in some cases, higher than) they have been in the past ten years.

Downtown Pittsburgh is the most exciting place to live, and local residents are based in condominiums or rented apartments near 'The Strip', where the best bars and live-music venues are located. The South Side is an up-and-coming art district, while the East Side is home to the most glamorous neighborhoods.

Renting Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are widely available in Pittsburgh's downtown and South Side districts. They can also be found closer to the airport, where the focus is on providing business facilities and related services.

As a general rule, serviced apartments in Pittsburgh are synonymous with extended-stay hotels. They are fully furnished, may be studios or multi-room units, and usually offer more space and better amenities than hotels in the same price range. A serviced apartment can be secured with a deposit, which can help to guarantee the lowest rates.

Buying Apartments and Houses

The most affordable freestanding homes in Pittsburgh are located in Central Northside and Mount Lebanon, while prices more than triple for well-appointed residences in The Strip district.

Closing costs for the state of Pennsylvania are slightly higher than the US average, as is the case with any New England state. After tallying the fees associated with inspections, loan origination and title registration, buyers can expect to pay at least 1.7 percent on top of the purchase price.

Real Estate Agents

A reputable real estate agent can help you choose the neighborhood that is best suited to your lifestyle. The atmosphere across Pittsburgh communities varies considerably, and a real estate agent can really make the difference in trying to decipher these variables.

Check out the following Pittsburgh realtors and real estate agents:

PNC Realty Services
Address: 620 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania PA, 15222, USA
Tel: +1 412 762 5543
Email: realtyservicesoreoproperties@pnc.com
Website: www.pnc.com
PNC manages a portfolio of bank-owned and foreclosed properties in Pittsburgh, with commercial and residential offerings.

Madison Realty Group
Address: 437 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania PA, 15219, USA
Tel: +1 412 281 1880
Email: info@madisonrealtygroup.com
Website: www.madisonrealtygroup.com
Madison Realty Group mainly specialises in large-scale commercial properties, but they are also well connected to a network of single-tenant units in downtown Pittsburgh.

Northwood Realty Services
Address: 1935 Murray Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania PA, 15217, USA
Tel: +1 412 521 5100
Email: via website
Website: www.northwood.com
Northwood has more than 50 years' experience connecting buyers and sellers of residential properties across western Pennsylvania.