Minneapolis Shopping and Districts

(Minneapolis, Minnesota - MN, USA)

With shop-loaded Nicollet Shopping Mall and Hennepin Avenue both running through the heart of downtown Minneapolis and one of America's largest malls located in nearby Bloomington, there is no shortage of shopping opportunities in Minneapolis.

Linden Hills, Dinkytown and the Riverfront District are additional shopping areas in Minneapolis, and while they cannot compete with either the Nicollet Shopping Mall or the Mall of America in terms of quantity of retailers, they offer a large and interesting selection of unique and enticing shops in central Minneapolis.

Opening Hours

Minneapolis shop opening hours vary widely depending on seasonal fluctuations, area locations and individual retailers. The Mall of America, the most significant regional shopping center, is open until 21:30 every night except Sundays, when it closes its doors at 19:00. In keeping with the neighborhood's dining and entertainment venues, shops in Uptown Minneapolis tend to stay open late at night, while the retailers on the Nicollet Shopping Mall and in Minneapolis' Riverfront District do most of their business during daylight hours.

Shopping Centers

Address: Minneapolis, Minnesota MN, USA.
Minneapolis is a shopping Mecca with shopping centers and districts featured throughout the city and its suburbs. Some of the most popular shopping malls and districts in the central city area include:

City Center
Address: Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota MN, USA
Recently renovated, this shopping mall is now bigger and better than before.

Gavidae Common
Address: 651 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota MN, USA
Tel: +1 612 372 1222
This vast and varied Minneapolis shopping mall combines big names like Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Talbots with a profuse selection of unique and unusual shops and restaurants.

IDS Center
Address: Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota MN, USA
Minneapolis' tallest building encompasses a vast number of stores and banks, and a twice-weekly farmers' market sets up just outside the Nicollet Mall entrance to the center on Thursdays and Saturdays. The IDS Center is one of the major links on the Minneapolis Skyways system, offering convenient pedestrian access regardless of weather conditions.

Marshall Fields
Address: 700 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota MN, 55402, USA
Tel: +1 612 375 2200
A sizeable department store located on Minneapolis' Nicollet Shopping Mall, Marshall Fields offers an enormous array of high-quality homeware and clothes, with stylish seasonal clothing ranges designed by an impressive team of international designers.

Nicollet Shopping Mall
Address: Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota MN, USA
For those with money to burn, the pedestrian walkway of the Nicollet Shopping Mall offers endless options for spending at its abundant shopping centers, department stores, specialty shops and boutiques, while the Mall of America encompasses roughly 520 shops and is easily accessible by Minneapolis' public transportation system.

Uptown Shopping
Address: The hippest place to shop in Minneapolis, Uptown is filled with hip designer outlets, upscale boutiques, funky specialty shops and other trendy stores.

Warehouse Shopping District
Address: Located between North 1st and 7th streets, just above Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis' Warehouse Shopping District has undergone an extensive face-lift, with its antiquated industrial buildings being converted into fashionable loft apartments. A host of chic art galleries and antique stores have also entered the district's arena.