Minneapolis Life and Visitor Travel Tips

(Minneapolis, Minnesota - MN, USA)

Situated on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, directly opposite its twin city of Saint Paul, Minneapolis presents a feast of arts and theatrical attractions.

Minneapolis is also known for its endless supply of unforgettable restaurants, sparkling nightlife and a thriving urban community that is creative, motivated and constantly evolving.

Tourism and Tourist Information

Minneapolis and its twin sister St. Paul form one of America's largest urban centers and it's difficult to know where to begin when considering the enormous range of attractions in the two cities. Essential Minneapolis cultural sights include the Walker Art Center and Minneapolis Institute of Arts, while those interested in recreation and entertainment should peruse the endless supply of shops and eateries that span the length of Nicollet Mall. Be sure to check out the nightlife in Uptown Minneapolis or take advantage of the summer music concerts at Linden Hills.

The Greater Minneapolis Convention and Visitors Association
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Over 300 languages are spoken in the USA, including more than 170 that are indigenous to the area, with the most commonly spoken language in Minneapolis, Minnesota and throughout America being English. Many different ethnicities and nationalities are well represented in Minneapolis and other languages in addition to English are available for study in Minneapolis's numerous schools and language centers.


For details on whether you will require a visa for travel to Minneapolis, Minnesota, it is best to check with your nearest consulate or embassy for information specific to your country. There are a number of different types of visa available, with tourists visiting Minneapolis usually requiring a non-immigrant visa that permits temporary stay. Citizens from Visa Waiver Program countries are allowed to enter Minneapolis without a visa, provided they can meet certain requirements. Visas should always be applied for well in advance before your arrival in Minneapolis, as there can be delays on processing applications.


There are several categories of non-immigrant visas available to those wishing to work in Minneapolis and other areas of Minnesota temporarily. Working without a visa in Minneapolis is strictly forbidden and there are harsh penalties for those who are caught breaking this law.


Tipping is common in Minneapolis when service is considered acceptable, good or excellent. Minneapolis restaurants usually expect a tip of around 15 percent and service charges are often automatically included in the bill.

Taxes and Refunds

Most states in the US operate a sales tax of between seven and eight percent on most goods and services, although some states have no tax at all. Sales tax in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is not reclaimable by tourists upon their departure from the USA, unless the relevant working visa is held.


A few decades ago locals in the Minneapolis area happily accepted smoking in most public places without any fuss, but today things have changed dramatically. Smoking is no longer permitted on public transport and Minneapolis restaurants are required to have non-smoking areas. When smoking in Minneapolis, check with those around you before starting to smoke.