Los Angeles Restaurants and Dining

(Los Angeles, California - CA, USA)

As you would expect from a sprawling metropolis such as LA, the variety of cuisine on offer in Los Angeles restaurants is as diverse as its residents. All forms of international dining can be found here, with good places to start being Chinatown's Bamboo Lane, Little Tokyo's sushi bars and Olvera Street's Latino-influenced eateries and restaurants.

Los Angeles' predominantly gay district of West Hollywood provides a huge range of excellent restaurants and a stroll along Melrose Avenue, Santa Monica Boulevard or Sunset Strip will have you struggling with indecision about which dining venue to patronize.

Opening Hours

Diners, hotels and coffee shops in Los Angeles catch the bulk of early risers for breakfast and it isn't difficult to find places that are open 24-hours offering all-day breakfasts. Restaurants in Los Angeles don't usually open for lunch until 11:30 and close again at 14:30 in time to prepare for the evening rush, while LA's dinner opening hours are normally from 17:30 to 22:30. Exceptions are shopping mall food courts in Los Angeles, which operate throughout the day, as well as numerous fast-food outlets and takeaways.

Wine and Beer

Fine wines can be sampled at most LA restaurants, while bars spread across Los Angeles offer everything from cocktails to imported beers. Hotspots for evening drinking include Hollywood, West Hollywood and Los Feliz, all of which boast nightclubs where you can drink and dance into the early hours. Meanwhile, those who prefer to enjoy a bottle of wine over a picnic or in the privacy of your hotel room will find comprehensive alcohol selections at most grocery stores and supermarkets throughout the city of Los Angeles.


Breakfast can be eaten on nearly every street corner in Los Angeles, with diners, coffee houses and breakfast restaurants providing early risers with a delicious array of pancakes, eggs, bacon, muffins and freshly-baked breads. Depending on where you are staying, it may be more convenient to eat breakfast at your Los Angeles hotel, while late risers will be pleased to know that all-day breakfasts are a permanent feature on many menus.


If you are busy on the move during your sightseeing or shopping expeditions, there are always numerous fast-food chains throughout Los Angeles, where you can grab a quick and inexpensive bite to eat. Should you be near a typical Los Angeles shopping mall, food courts are a great place to head, with the Beverly Center's eighth floor food court being among the most popular.


With LA being such a multi-cultural city, international dining in Los Angeles is so widespread here that it's hardly considered to be exotic. For Asian treats, try Chinatown in downtown LA, where you will find countless eateries and restaurants around Sun Yat Sen square, while Japantown and Koreatown make for tasty eastern alternatives. For a more oceanic ambiance in Los Angeles, head to Santa Monica pier where you can choose from countless restaurants serving up seafood delights.