Getting Around, Cancun Travel, Transport and Car Rental

(Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico)

Picture of yacht, moored at the marinaCancun is a relatively easy city to find your way around and offers visitors several main transport options. Many prominent car rental travel agencies are based within both the city and also at the nearby southerly Cancun Airport, offering the freedom that tourists often crave.

Bus transport in Cancun is also popular with visitors, since it is extremely inexpensive and allows you to travel to the main hotels and beaches. However, bus transport in Cancun can be a little cramped, stuffy and bumpy at times and not always the most comfortable travel option, particularly when compared to the city's more expensive taxis.

Photo of Cancun International Airport (CUN)

Cancun Airport (CUN) / Arriving by Air

Cancun's busy international airport is located just over 20 km / 12 miles to the south-west of the city and is Mexico's number two airport in terms of size and popularity, serving more than 13 million travellers each year. Daily flights are available at Cancun Airport to many domestic and international destinations, such as Cozumel, Mexico City and Villahermosa, along with regular flights including Calgary, Montreal, London, Milan,Paris, Rome, Los Angeles, New York and Seattle. Ground travel options at Cancun Airport include a range of different bus transport and taxis.

Cancun Airport (CUN) Guide

Picture of Cancun's Hotel Zone and street

Car Rental

In general, you do tend to get the best rates when you reserve a car in advance. However, before travelling around Cancun in a rental car, check that everything is in working order, including the lights. The local police are quick to spot tourists driving cars with even the most minor of problems and will soon pull you over, usually requesting a small bribe.

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Buses and Coaches

Cancun's bus terminal is located between the Avenida Tulum and the Avenida Uxmal, with most buses travelling to many major routes and along the Boulevard Kukulcán. The Playa Express mini-terminal and ticket office is nearby and features regular bus transport along the Caribbean coastline, with the main destinations including the Felipe Carrillo Puerto and Tulum. These shuttle buses travel twice an hour until the evening. In general, bus transportation in Cancun is cheap.


Taxi transport in Cancun is known for being a little pricey, but is always extremely convenient. The city's taxis do not feature meters. Instead a list of official taxi fares can be found outside of the Cancun bus station, although many visitors simply prefer to haggle.