Cancun Art Galleries

(Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico)

Picture taken at La Isla Shopping VillageThe art scene in Cancun is healthy and there are plenty of commercial and fine art galleries located around the city, where visitors can both view and purchase the works on display. Many of the paintings exhibited within Cancun's art galleries are created by imaginative local artists, actually living within the city.

Some of the art works that you expect to find in Cancun have been painted on textured matting or papyruses and feature extravagant picture frames, while others are more reserved and traditional in appearance. Contemporary art works are well represented at art galleries in Cancun and often feature bold and colourful abstract shapes with a surrealistic quality similar to that of famous artist Salvador Dali.

Where to Look

Authentic reproductions of Mayan art are always popular with tourists looking for the ultimate Cancun souvenir and widely available at many centrally located arts and crafts stores. A range of wooden sculptures are also commonplace in many of these arty outlets and often created completely by hand, using original, ancient techniques and methods.

The biggest selection of art works is to be found around Cancun's Plaza Kukulkán, where formal art galleries offer the best choice. This vast shopping centre features plenty in the way of modern art and is easy to find, being located along the Boulevard Kukulcán. Many people also favour the art galleries within the nearby Plaza Caracol mall, where traditional pieces are fairly easy to find, amongst the enormous array of shops.