Cancun Hotels and Accommodation

(Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico)

Picture showing beachfront hotel complexAccommodation rates within the Yucatán Peninsula area of Mexico are known to fluctuate greatly according to the tourist seasons and respective demand, and the hotels in Cancun are no exception to this. The greatest fluctuations in hotel rates can occur at the mid-range and top end level of the accommodation scale, while budget hotels in Cancun tend to be a little more constant and stable. However, during the Easter fun and Semana Santa frivolities, all of the lodging in Cancun becomes especially scarce and prices predictably rise sharply to take full advantage of the exceptional demand and visiting crowds.

Broadly speaking, the high season in Cancun falls between mid-December to mid-April, with hotel rates being significantly lower outside of this season, particularly if you are prepared to shop around and even try your hand at haggling. The traditional summer holiday months of July and August can once again see an increase in hotel demand in Cancun, and subsequently rates, when many families choose to visit Mexico.

Photo of resort in the summer season

Where to Stay

All of the main budget hotels within the city are located within downtown Cancun. 'Budget' should only really be used in the loosest sense, since the majority of accommodation in Cancun tends to be more pricey than other major resorts and similar cities in Mexico.

For some of Cancun's best value lodging, check out the hotels and guesthouses along Punta Allen, the Avenida Uxmal (close to the bus station), the Avenida Cobá, the Avenida Tulum (well placed for shopping and dining out), the Avenida Yaxchilán and around the Palmera area.

Picture of coastal lodging with exceptional viewsWithin the very heart of Cancun, hotels along the Avenida Yaxchilán Sunyaxchén are close to the action and many feature their own restaurants, bars and even pockets of gardens. Downtown Cancun features many of the best value hotels, and much of the most popular accommodation can be found within the Zona Hotelera, being just a short bus journey from the beachfront.

A number of top end resorts and luxury hotels also reside in the Zona Hotelera district, such as the Hotel Ritz Carlton, the Hyatt Cancun and the Sheraton Cancun Resort, which is famous for its pyramid-style architecture.