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The Arch (El Arco)
The Arch is a famous natural landmark in Cabo San Lucas and you should really see it - it is quite beautiful. I would recommend takes a water taxi tour for the best views - close up, right underneath the actual arch and then around the Pacific Ocean. You might also like to explore Lover's Beach when you get here.
Posted on 15/12/2007 by Jimmy Lotiss

Fishing for Marlin
Sport fishing in Cabo San Lucas is quite exceptional and there are some pretty big marlin swimming around the waters here, just waiting to be caught! The wealth of fish here is due to the exceptional conditions around the Baja California and in the Sea of Cortez, caused by violent earthquakes in the past. I would strongly recommend deep sea fishing, or at the least, come to the Cabo San Lucas marina later on in the day and watch the boats arriving with their catch of the day. If they have a good catch, they usually fly their very own fish flag.
Posted on 9/7/2007 by Ismael

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