Cabo San Lucas Restaurants and Dining

(Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico)

Photo of outdoor cafe in the summerThe dining scene in Cabo San Lucas is known for its variety, featuring everything from taco stands along the streets to outstanding restaurants, serving gourmet Mexican food in great surroundings. However, you don't need to spend a small fortune to sample tasty local specialities and Mexican cuisine in Cabo San Lucas.

Many of the restaurants and eateries around Cabo San Lucas take full advantage of its coastal setting and specialise in fresh seafood, caught from the surrounding waters, with 'surf and turf' meals always being popular with tourists. When dining out in Cabo San Lucas you can expect to find both tuna and marlin regularly making an appearance on the menu, along with grilled chocolata clams, lobsters, shrimps, sea bass and snapper, with the Spanish-style paellas being especially good in a number of restaurants.

Further picture of the cafe tables and chairs

Where to Eat

Cabo San Lucas is very much a party city and wherever you choose to eat, you can be sure that a huge choice of alcohol will be available, all day long. Restaurants are at their most plentiful within downtown Cabo San Lucas and in particular along the Marina Boulevard and around both the Plaza Nautica and the Plaza Bonita, where the views of the marina and bay are often as appealing as the food itself.

Downtown dining venues don't just serve traditional Mexican fare and many tourists will find the American-style burger bars and fast-food chain restaurants familiar and inexpensive. Many other restaurants within downtown Cabo San Lucas lie along the Hildago Street - close to the Plaza Las Glorias and also Zapatas Street, and along Calle Guerrero - near to Madero, Cabo Wabo and Lazaro Cardenas. The nearby Plaza del Mar shopping centre is home to a number of eateries, just a few minutes away from the marina, while for restaurants serving traditional handmade tortillas, head to the Avenida Cabo San Lucas.

View of eateries next to the marinaOther prominent dining locations in Cabo San Lucas include the Corridor area, where restaurants are in good supply along the Carretera Transpeninsular and Highway 1, where a number overlook the Sea of Cortez. Some restaurants within Cabo San Lucas's beachfront resort of Del Mar resort boast stunning views of Land's End and the ocean, where in the late winter, you can often observe whales swimming in the bay.

The Cabo San Lucas Marina is always a good place to look for quality restaurants, with those on the Plaza Las Glorias being sited right next to the waterfront and featuring views of the many boats and yachts. If you are looking for a little English-style seaside cuisine in Cabo San Lucas, then pay a visit to the Fishermen's Wharf restaurant, where fish and chips wrapped in newspaper provide the perfect way to end your day.