Cabo San Lucas Hotels and Accommodation

(Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico)

Photo of resort in the summerThere are plenty of hotels and lodging options all around the Cabo San Lucas area of Mexico, falling into various price categories. Hotel rates in Cabo San Lucas are known to fluctuate greatly according to season and demand, with the peak season generally falling between November and May.

The Easter Semana Santa festivities at the beginning of April are particularly popular and at this time, available accommodation in Cabo San Lucas soon becomes scarce. Hotels in Cabo San Lucas can also become fully booked during the traditional summer holidays, from mid-July until the beginning of September.

Different picture of summer resort from above

Where to Stay

Cabo San Lucas features a number of affordable budget hotels and mid-range accommodation options between the Guerrero and Hidalgo areas.

In particular, a number of relatively cheap hotels can be found along the Calle Revolucion, the Matamoros, the 16 de Septiembre and the 20 de Noviembre, all of which are located within downtown Cabo San Lucas and usually feature air conditioning as standard.

Image of sunloungers at beachfront resortMoving up the scale slightly, mid-range accommodation in Cabo San Lucas is especially plentiful and features a number of familiar brands, such as the Best Western Quinta Del Sol on the Boulevard Lazaro Cardenas. Also look out for hotels around the San Jose area of Cano San Lucas, with various choices along the:

Photo of resort complexMany looking for hotels in Cabo San Lucas choose to stay along the Boulevard Marina, where the best accommodation features private balconies and views across the harbour and ocean. The lengthy Boulevard Marina leads into downtown Cabo San Lucas and accommodation in this part of the city is well placed for those looking for beach fun, nightlife and other attractions.

The Club Cabo Motel and RV Park is sited nearby and suits those with a tight budget, while at the top end of the hotel scale, the Hacienda Beach Resort within the Playa Médano area of Cabo San Lucas is amongst the best accommodation on offer.