Stockholm Property Market and Real Estate Guide

(Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden)

Stockholm is an attractive city and, as the capital of Sweden. has a lively property market which recently picked up after a decline in popularity due to the worldwide recession. Prices on properties were lowered in the '90s as national political tax reforms took place, with rentals becoming hugely popular after housing subsidies were dramatically reduced.

The majority of people who reside in Stockholm rent their property, and everything from flats through to five-bedroomed houses can be found. However, waiting lists on the more sought-after locations in the centre of the city are long.

Many renters pay a yearly fee to be listed in the queue, and the amount of rent you can afford along with your preferred location in the city will make a difference to how long you have to wait.

Non-Swedish residents should use a private housing company to help find a rental property, and local newspapers are ideal for finding such companies. The city boasts many waterways, as well as a host of parks, and a total of 30 percent of Stockholm is taken up by water.

Renting Serviced Apartments

Renting in Stockholm as a foreign national should be arranged through a housing agency and rental fees will depend largely on where you want to live. Inner city rental levels hover at around three times more than those in the suburbs. Furnishings are usually reasonably modern, and electricity and water charges will be added to the monthly rent.

Buying Apartments and Houses

Buying property in Sweden as a non-national is possible, but there are a few legal hurdles to leap over first. Investors looking to rent out their property should be aware that they will pay 30 percent capital gains tax every year. For those who wish to own the property in which they live, a municipal property fee is levied at three quarters of one percent of the property's value, due annually.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents in Stockholm are easy to find, as many renters and buyers use them to assist with a sale, purchase or rental. Many speak Swedish and Finnish, as well as English, and an online property portfolio is the easiest way to ensure you are using a company that specialises in property at an affordable price.

Check out the following Stockholm real estate agents:

Fastigheter and Lokaler
Address: Sibyllegatan 17, 3tr, Stockholm, SE-11442, Sweden, SE
Tel: +46 08 599 0994
This company mainly handles high-end housing in and around the city and has a few rentals, as well as many properties for sale, usually located in sought-after neighbourhoods.

Vision Fastighetsmakleri
Address: Sturegatan 64, Stockholm, SE-11436, Sweden, SE
Tel: +46 08 678 0010
This is a small yet knowledgeable company with a range of experienced staff on hand, who speak a variety of languages.

Bjurfors and Thorner
Address: Vastgötagrand 19, Stockholm, SE-11828, Sweden, SE
Tel: +46 08 668 0955
This company has a useful website to browse through relevant listings and mainly handles sales in Stockholm centre.