Stockholm Photos

(Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden)

Stockholm Central Station photograph
Sweden's biggest railway station, the Central Station dates back to 1871 and is to be found within the district of Norrmalm. The Stockholm Central Station also serves as a leading travel centre for the Nordic region and is visited by some 250,000 people every single day.

Stockholm City Hall picture
Known for its tall red-brick tower (106-metres / 348-feet high) and for hosting the prestigious Nobel Prize banquet, the City Hall comprises a number of offices and ceremonial halls, and is also home to the acclaimed Stadshuskällaren Restaurant.

Stockholm cityscape photo
When viewed from high above, it become immediately apparent that water makes up a sizable part of the overall island cityscape.

Image of the Drottningholms Slott (Drottningholm Palace) in Stockholm
The Drottningholms Slott (Drottningholm Palace) is a magnificent building and is both a tourist attraction and a private residence of Sweden's royal family.

Photo of waterfront hotels in Stockholm
The most popular hotels in Stockholm are unquestionably those with the best waterfront views, with many overlooking harbour / marina areas and being close to the action.

Picture of the luxury Grand Hotel in Stockholm
Those with deep pockets will enjoy the luxury accommodation provided at the upmarket Grand Hotel. With five stars and a waterfront setting just a matter of metres away from the docked boats, the Grand Hotel stands next to the National Museum of Fine Arts and across from the Royal Palace.

Photo of the Stockholm National Museum of Fine Arts
The National Museum of Fine Arts is situated on the Blasieholmen peninsula and actually has origins as far back as 1792, although this particular building dates from 1866, being known for its North Italian Renaissance facade.

View of the Tivoli Grona Lund theme park in Stockholm
Perfect for all of the family, the Tivoli Gröna Lund theme park may be relatively compact, but is filled with approximately 30 fast rides and fun attractions. The summer concerts at the Tivoli Gröna Lund are a particular highlight.

Stockholm waterfront photo
Encompassing some 14 different islands, the city stands at the point where both the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren come together.

Picture of the Stockholm Gamla Stan (Old City)
For tourists, it is the Gamla Stan (Old City) where many of the top sights reside, with the district's main buildings being located on the city's island of Stadsholmen.

Closer view of the Stockholm Gamla Stan (Old City)
The skyline of the Gamla Stan (Old City) is very distinctive and regularly makes an appearance on postcards of the city.