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(Wroclaw, Silesia, Poland)

Picture of the Odra RiverCentral Wroclaw is easy to travel around on foot, although it does boast an extremely reliable public transport system. Both buses and trams allow visitors to travel all around the city centre and the outlying suburbs of Wroclaw, for just a small charge.

Bus and tram tickets should be purchased before boarding the actual transport and are available from ticket machines and many newsagents displaying signs, which say 'Bilety'. In total, Wroclaw is home to some 60 different bus lines and just over 20 tramlines, which stop next to main shopping centres and notable attractions along the routes. The city is even home to a busy river port and its very own international air facility, Copernicus Airport.

Copernicus Airport Wroclaw (WRO) / Arriving by Air

Address: Strazy Graniczna / Podpulkownika Stanislawa Skarzynskiego / Ulica Skarzynskiego 36, 54-530 Wrocaw, Poland
Tel: +71 35 81 100
Situated a mere 10 km / 6 miles west of central Wroclaw, Copernicus Airport is easily reached by bus transport and even taxis travelling between the terminal and the city centre are quite affordable for this short distance. Direct connections link the city with destinations such as Poland's capital of Warsaw, together with Brussels, Copenhagen, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich and Paris. Budget flights are now provided by Ryanair and Wizz Air, while LOT Polish Airlines is also important.

Photo of the Cathedral Bridge

Car Rental

Renting a car is a good way to travel around Wroclaw, Silesia all around the country, with Poland offer a good network of main roads close by. However, driving in the city centre can be a little hectic and some Polish drivers are often aggressive, so do be patient and always use plenty of commonsense.

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Wroclaw is a leading transport hub for rail travel in Poland and many fast trains link the city with destinations. These include Katowice (three hours), Klodzko (one and three quarter hours), Krakow (just over four hours), Legnica (one and a half hours), Lodz (three and a half hours), Opole (just over one hour), Poznan (two hours), Walbrzych (two hours), and Warsaw (up to six hours). International train transport also travels to a number of international cities in the neighbouring countries of the Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary.

Picture of public bus transport

Buses and Trams

Home to an efficient network of public transport, which comprises both buses and trams, central Wroclaw is simple and cheap to travel around. Many trams run around the Old Town district, although only a handful of tramlines actually travel directly through this historic area. Eurolines coaches are also available and run from the PKS Centrum bus station, which is located off the Ulica Sucha and directly opposite the Wroclaw Glówny railway station.