Wroclaw Restaurants and Dining

(Wroclaw, Silesia, Poland)

Picture of al fresco dining on the RynekYou don't have far to look for somewhere to eat in Wroclaw, with a huge selection of restaurants and popular dining options spread around the Old Town area. The Rynek in particular is home to an enormous array of restaurants in this part of Wroclaw, which line each side of this lively square. With so many restaurants to choose from, look for those that are busy and not only attracting tourists, but local Poles as well.

During the sunny summer, the Rynek's cobblestone pavements are chock full with beer gardens and terraced areas, with plenty of lively eateries offering reasonably priced meals, aimed very much at visitors to the city of Wroclaw. However, if you venture outside of the Rynek you will find that there are numerous further restaurants and notable dining venues clustered along the many side streets and as you walk by, you will be able to smell the flavoursome aromas wafting out of the doors.

Another photo of the Rynek's dining opportunities

Where to Eat

Fine dining in Wroclaw comes in the form of not only restaurants serving traditional Polish dishes, but also pub-style food, Italian pasta and pizza dishes, and even tasty Moroccan and Egyptian-style dishes. Popular eateries line the streets of the Ulica Igielna, the Ulica Rzeznicza, the Ulica Ruska, and the Ulica Swidnicka, where Wroclaw's Kuchnia Marché buffet restaurant offers a covered market dining experience.

Also popular in Wroclaw is the Mercado on the Ulica Wiezienna, which is part of the familiar Sphinx chain and serves hearty Middle-Eastern fare served on handmade ceramics. Alternatively, head to the Bar Mleczny Mis on the Ulica Kuznicza, which offers cheap eats and is regularly frequented by local Polish students, and is just a stone's throw from the city's university quarter.