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Walking around Wroclaw
When you walk around the city you are quite likely to bump into the Anonymous Pedestrians. Don't worry, these isn't just a strange group of people walking around, it is actually a very imaginative group of fourteen bronze statues. The are captured in time at the corner of the Pilsudskiego Street.
Posted on 21/1/2008 by Giovanni

The People's Hall
If you hear people in Wroclaw referring to the Hala Ludowa, then they are talking about the People's Hall. It is quite a grand and circular buidling and was completed in 1913, timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Leipzig's Napoleanic defeat. It appears like it is topped by a huge dome at first glance, although in actual fact this is made up of a series of stepped roofs, leading up to a small dome at the very top. The hall itself is huge and can seat 7,000 people. Lots of exhibitions are held inside and the Pope even came here in the 1990s. The People's Hall is located near to the Szczytnicki Park.
Posted on 9/9/2007 by Maxwell Pryce

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