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The Citadella and Gellert Hill - Views of Budapest
We were glad that we made the effort to have a close-up look at the Citadella. Yeah, you do have to go up the Gellert Hill which can be a bit tiring, but the views, oh the views. They were so worth it. We could see Buda, Pest and the River Danube. It was interesting trying to picture this place as two separate cities from this bird's eye view, as it was once, a long time ago.
Posted on 20/2/2008 by Faith Mattock

The Gellert Baths and the Hotel Gellert
The Gellert Baths are very famous in Budapest, as it the adjacent Hotel Gellert and its exquisite Art Deco features. People home be coming to the baths from over 80 years. It is a bit like going for a swim in a church - it has that kind of feeling about it. Very unique.
Posted on 6/10/2007 by Andrea Timely

Budapest Parliament
Thousands of tourists visit the parliament every year. Make sure that you're one of them. You won't regret it one bit.
Posted on 10/8/2007 by Anon

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